When & How To Use Activity Statements

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  2. You want to know how to find activity statements
  3. You want to know how to email or print an activity statement
This document assumes the following.
  • You understand the difference between an outstanding and activity statement.


  • Activity Statement explanation
  • Activity Statement detail
  • How to find activity statements
  • How to email activity statement to parents - awaiting payment option
  • How to email activity statement to parents - activity statement option
  • What activity statements look like to parents


Activity Statement Explanation

A billpayers activity statement displays the details of all invoices and payments for a selected period of time. A billpayer may be responsible for multiple children. Therefore the billpayer's activity statement may display multiple children's invoices. You can send this statement to the billpayer if you need to share their invoiced and payment history. Activity statements on Enrolmy will display...

  • Enrolmy outstanding, overdue and paid invoices
  • Reconciled payments in Enrolmy
  • Current and paid Enrolmy credit notes
  • Current and paid WCN's
  • Xero-generated credit notes if they have been applied to Enrolmy-generated invoices
  • Overpayments applied in Xero, against Enrolmy-generated invoices 
  • Stripe refunds processed in Enrolmy


Activity Statement Detail

The opening balance displays the outstanding dollar amount of the billpayer as at a certain date.

The amount column displays all invoices for the billpayer

The payments column displays all transactions applied against invoices. 

The balance column displays the running balance (all financial activity) of the billpayer, less applied payments

Activity Statements


How To Find Activity Statements

  1. Within the Money Tab, select Statements
  2. Select a date range
  3. Search for a billpayer and click go
  4. Open the activity statement
  5. Download or print statements



How To Email Activity Statements To Parents -

Awaiting Payment Option

1. Within the Money Tab, you can send an outstanding statement from the Invoices -> Awaiting Payment section.

2. Select a date range 

3. Use the tickbox to bulk select customers to send activity statements too.

4. Select Email 

5. Choose Activity Statement as the Statement Type 

6. Optionally write a personal message within the Message field

7. Select to Send statements instead of invoices to recipients where 1 or more of their invoices  have been selected. 



Activity Statement Option

1. Within the Money Tab, head the Statements -> Activity Statements section

2. Use the tickbox to bulk select customers to send activity statements too.

3. Select Email and then Send to Queue



Review what activity statements look like to parents here - Activity Statements View For Parents

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