Activity Statements View For Parents

  1. You want to know what an activity statement looks like from a parent/end-user point of view.
This document assumes the following.
  • You understand the difference between an outstanding and activity statement.

Activity Statement Parent View From Email Inbox

If your provider sends you an activity statement via email, then your email could look similar to the example below.


Email Header Details

  • The title of your email will read Your latest (insert provider name) activity statement 
  • For Period: This is the date range of financial activity that your provider has chosen to send to you through an activity statement



Email Body: Description Details

  • Each child that you are the billpayer/primary guardian for will have their outstanding invoices listed in the description section. 
  • The Opening Balance displays the amount that is owing at the beginning of the selected From Period.
  • The Date for each invoice/credit note/payment identified is the same date as the invoice/credit note creation date.
  • For Week # details display what week of the year this invoice/credit note/overpayment/payment is related too.
  • The Invoice number/Credit Note number will be detailed in the description section
  • The payment reference will be detailed. 



How Credit Notes Impact Activity Statements

An unapplied Enrolmy credit note will deduct from the Balance amount. For example;

  • The opening balance on this email example shows $22,358.27
  • With the unapplied $30.00 credit note, the balance will then change to $22,328.27 (less the $30.00)



An applied Enrolmy credit note will not deduct from the Balance. This is because the credit note amount has already been deducted in full from the balance prior. 



Email Footer Details

  • The Balance Due will be detailed in the email footer again
  • The provider's Bank Account No: will be highlighted at the bottom of the statement if the provider accepts bank transfer or automatic payment as a payment method. 
  • The Pay All Outstanding Invoices Now button will appear on your outstanding statement if your provider has enabled you to pay for your invoices via credit/debit card on Enrolmy.


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