Parent View Of Safety Form Reminders

  1. You want to see what incomplete safety form reminders look like for parents.


  • Safety Form Reminders On Enrolmy
  • Safety Form Reminder View In Email Inbox


Safety Form Reminders On Enrolmy

Parents make their family bookings on Enrolmy, then are asked to complete a safety form if is required for that activity/organisation. Once parents make their booking they will see the following notifications appear on screen.

1. Within the Home Base tab a large notification will appear, prompting the parent to complete their safety form. 

2. Parents can select Complete Safety Form Now to update their enrolment details.



3. Within the Current Bookings section, any child with an incomplete safety form will have a notification listed against their booking. 

4. Select Complete Safety Form Now to update the safety form.



Safety Form Reminder View In Email Inbox

The safety form completion reminder email that parent's receive looks like the following;

  • The email will state what organisation has sent the safety form reminder (the example below shows that Jerrys Gym Dev sent the email reminder to the parent)
  • If parents select Complete Safety Form Now, they will be taken to to login to their Enrolmy Account and complete the safety form online.



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