How To Identify WINZ Overpayments

  1. You have received your WINZ Subsidy statement and want to identify any overpayments 
This document assumes the following.
    • You know how to reconcile attendance 
    • You know how to reconcile WINZ Subsidies 


Identifying an Overpayment from WINZ 

  1. Inside your Activity confirm that Attendance is compleated and Finalised
  2. Click on Subsidies and Save and Finalise   
  3. If there is an Overpayment the Difference  will display on the right side of the Subsidy details 
  4. Generate Invoices and WCN automatically apply, If invoicing in Advance then Allocated WCN to invoices 2021-09-24_09.45.44.gif


How to export the Overpayment data 

  1. Click on Money and Credit Notes
  2. Select the tick box of the relevant WINZ Credit Notes 
  3. Click + More and Export to CSV 
  4. Select the Invoice format and export type



Providers can then Refund the Overpayment amount back to OSCAR WINZ 



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