1. You are a provider and require to capture children and/or parent vaccination status
  2. You are a provider and require to reduce point of contact during sign-in/out
This document assumes the following.
  • You are a proficient Enrolmy user

Considerations to implement during this time:

  1. Use of QR codes to reduce point of contact - See help guide here
  2. Use of Custom Questions in the Safety Form to gain vaccination statuses

How to Capture Vaccination Status

Please use Safety Form Custom Question section to capture this information.

1. Click on the + tab in the top navigation bar
2. Select Settings
3. On the left-hand side panel, scroll down to the Safety Form section
4. Select Custom Questions


5. Scroll down to the bottom of the Custom Question list
6. Click the Add New Question button

Custom Question Setup

Please follow the below steps to setup the custom question:

1. Enter question title and specify which Vaccine you are referring to, e.g. COVID or other

2. Select section this question is for

3. Choose if this question will be compulsory

4. Choose Question type. We suggest using Checkbox option as it will require YES or NO answer



Display on the Desktop Customer Profile

Parent's/Guardian's Profile:


Child's Profile:


Display on the Safety Form

Parent's/Guardian's Safety Form:


Child's Safety Form:


Display on the Mobile App - Children Only

Head to the respective activity that is run on the day and select Info Tab --> Custom Questions Section. The answer will display only for children.



  • When you save these changes to your Safety Form settings Enrolmy will re-check that all customers with current bookings have fully completed the Safety Form. Customers who have not fully completed the Safety Form will start receiving reminders immediately. Please refer here for further guidance: Parent View Of Safety Form Reminders
  • Parent Vaccination Status will not be visible on the Mobile App, however, you can find this information under their Customer Profile on the Desktop.

Great! You now know how parent and children vaccination status can be captured and readily available to you!

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