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  1. You want to know what waitlist notifications Enrolmy sends to parents when a child is moved from the attendance to waitlist
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When an attendee is moved from the attendance TO the waitlist for the day - Enrolmy does not automatically send an email notification to the parent/caregiver of that attendee. You will need to send this notification yourself. We could recommend the process described here.

When an attendee is moved FROM the waitlist to the attendance, Enrolmy offers an automated notification functionality. The below help guide explains the process.

How it Works for You as a Provider

If You Are Invoicing in Advance

When the attendees have been booked into the session in the waitlist - either by parents or by you as a provider, you will be able to "Change Attendees to Active Booking" and save changes.


Please note that When you save your changes a booking confirmation email will be automatically sent to each attendee you move off the Waitlist. 


This action will create pending adjustments. Please proceed with the usual adjustment conversion and Invoicing process.

If You Are Invoicing in Arrears

If you are invoicing in arrears - you will have two options:

  • To move ONLY ONE session off a waitlist by using "Change Attendees to Active Booking" and save changes (as described above)
  • To move the child into all future sessions by selecting the grey Future Dates tag which will allow:
    • Change all future bookings to Active where there are places available, or
    • Change all future bookings to Active even if sessions are currently full


The Future Dates tag will turn in Green if you have chosen this option:


Please note that a booking confirmation email will be sent to your customer for this booking change after you save the changes:

  • Booking confirmation


  • The updated booking calendar



Congratulations! You now know how Waitlist Email Notifications work of a child is moved off the Waitlist!

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