Email Workflow for Credit Card Only Activities - Failure to Pay On Time

  1. You want to know the email workflow for when a parent fails to pay for a CC only activity on time
This document assumes the following.
  • You are taking bookings into CC only activities.


Sometimes parents fail to pay for their booking on time. Below is an explanation of the email workflow for the parent and the provider if this happens.


Booking confirmation workflow for credit card only activities: 

1. When parents book into a Credit Card only activity, the parent will immediately receive a tentative booking confirmation email:



2. The parent will immediately receive a secondary email, which will hold the invoice for their booking. The invoice will have a pay now button.



3. If they're still logged into Enrolmy at the time of booking, they can pay immediately OR they can pay through the invoice sent to their inbox.


4. They are given two hours to pay for the booking in full. Parents who don't pay within this two-hour window will receive a booking cancellation email that looks like this:



A provider will know that the booking has been cancelled because:


1. The child will be removed from the activity 

2. The child's invoice will then be voided 



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