1. You want to invite other staff members to join your Enrolmy Account to create activites and/or manage bookings and payments.
This document assumes you know the following.


You may want to invite a staff member to your Enrolmy Account so they can help to create activities and/or manage bookings and payments.

1. Check out what user access levels you can assign to staff first. 

2. Check out the staff sign-up process below.


How To Invite Staff To Join Your Enrolmy Organisation

1. Login to Enrolmy and head to the Manage Staff section of your organization settings



2. Select Add Staff member

3. Input your staff details; required information noted below

  • Staff user level
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Work email address

4. Select Create Account



Great! Now you have invited your staff to join Enrolmy!

  • See how your staff can create their login credentials here!
  • Or see how to resend your staff invite email link here! 
  • Now you should assign staff to activities to give them access to the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App & Sign In Kiosk.
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