Editing A Classes and Lessons Activity once Bookings have been Made

  1. You have a Classes and Lessons activity set up 
  2. You are needing to change your activity information 
This document assumes the following

Editing A Classes and Lessons Activity Once Created 

It is key to note that you should always double-check your activity before going live and take bookings as certain areas in your activity can not be edited once bookings have been made

How To Edit Your Classes and Lessons activity 

You can:

a) Click on the Action Cog and select Edit Settings, or

b) Click the activity and select Edit Activity 



Modification Overview Table


What Can Be Modified?

General activity details
  • Entire section
Activity name and age range
  • Entire section
Activity location guidance
  • Entire section
Activity Description
  • Entire section
What to Bring
  • Entire section
Important Information
  • Entire section
Online Listing Preview
  • Entire section
Online Listing File Attachment
  • Entire section
Session Times and Cost
  1. Blue coloured sessions have bookings against them:
  • Attendee Limit, Start and Finish times can be modified
  • Sessions that have bookings are locked down and prices can not be modified


      2. You are not able to add new sessions

  1. Blue coloured dates have bookings against them:
  • You can modify the attendance limit, start and finish time
  • You can not modify prices

      2. You can add new dates and do any modifications to them


Total Activity Cost
  • This section can not be changed
Additional Items
  • Entire section
  • You can enable Promo Codes
  • You can not modify Other Discounts
Booking Settings
  • Entire section
Invoice Settings
  • Entire section, except the Invoicing rhythm
Subsidy Settings
  • Entire section
Online Publishing Settings
  • Entire section. Closing Bookings for your Activity is explained below.


Closing Bookings for your Activity 

To close an activity means no further bookings can be made, and it is no longer visible to the public.

1. Inside your Activity settings you can;

a) Close Bookings for a single day under your Date settings

b) Close Booking for the entire activity under your Online Publishing settings - Switch the bottom box to 'NO'


Congratulations! You now know How To Edit a Classes and Lessons Activity once bookings have been made!

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