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Activities Within Roster Explained


  1. You are using Enrolmy’s Rostering feature

  2. You have applied rostering templates to your activity/ies

This document assumes the following:

Activities Explained

Below describes each area within the activities section:

Area & Explanation


  • Classification for the type of activity

    • BASC → Before and after school care

    • CL → Classes and lessons

    • HP → Holiday Programme


  • Name of activity that you have compiled


  • Visible to your customers or not

Starts in

  • How many days until this activity starts


  • Duration of the activity → when it starts and ends

Roster Health

  • Indicates the health of your activity roster and whether it needs ratio attention

Roster Status

  • Indicating whether a roster has been applied and what status the roster is in ie draft, modified or published

Apply Template

  • If the roster status does not have a roster associated, you can apply a roster


  • Short cut to the activity within Enrolmy

Great job! You now know a bit more about the activities section within rostering.

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