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Roster Templates Explained


  1. You are using Enrolmy’s Rostering feature

  2. You want to know how to create, edit, and apply roster templates

This document assumes the following:

  • You are an active Enrolmy user

  • You have already set up tags for rostering

Creating Roster Templates

A roster template is a set of saved shifts that can be applied across the full duration of the activity.

  1. Head into Templates

  2. Select New Roster Template

  1. Add template name

  2. Select approval period

  3. Set several staff and position(s) needed for the roster

  4. Set a start time (in 24-hour time format)

  5. Set an end time (in 24-hour time format)

  6. Save

Editing Roster Templates

  1. Under Rosters, head over to Templates. This will show you all existing roster templates that have been created

  2. Select Edit beside the template you want to update

  3. Make the necessary changes as needed. You should be able to:

    1. Change template name

    2. Add or reduce the number of positions required

    3. Add or reduce shifts

    4. Change start and/or end time

  1. Save changes

Deleting Roster Templates

To delete existing roster templates:

  1. Head over to the Rostering tab

  2. Select Templates

  3. Click on Delete beside the template you wish to delete

  4. Click Confirm

Approval Period

Rosters for each Activity can be approved in different periods than the Activity duration.

The approval period is how often you publish and communicate the roster schedule to staff members who have been assigned for that period.

For example, if you set up a Roster template for your holiday programme with an approval period of one week, you will have to approve and publish the roster every week. Once you approve a roster, it gets communicated to the included staff. You can set up a Default Approval Period under Settings → Approval Period. The Default Approval Period can be overridden on each activity.

Great job! You now know how to create, edit, and delete rostering templates!

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