1. You want to see the different Activity Discounts you can apply through Enrolmy

  2. You want to know how the Activity Discounts apply for families with more than one child

  3. You want to understand Combining (Stacking) of discounts

This document assumes the following:

Activity Discount Options

Early Bird Discount

This discount is applied when bookings are made on or before the day you select from the calendar display as shown when setting up your activity:

Multiple Bookings In Activity (Sibling) Discount

Bookings for two or more children into this particular Activity:

Identical Booking (Sibling) Discount

Bookings for two or more children where the bookings are identical. Please note that the discount will not be received if the parent books in one child then loop around and books in the second child:

Sliding Scale Discounts

You can configure up to two sibling discounts, each with a different percentage. It is a simple two-step sliding scale, whereby some children in the family get the sibling discount at a higher rate than other children in the same family.

Sliding Scale configuration can be applied to Identical Booking (Sibling) Discount and Multiple Bookings In Activity (Sibling) Discount

Scenarios of Use


A provider wants to set up a discount structure in their activity so that the second sibling to book receives a 15% discount and the third, fourth, and fifth siblings receive a 10% discount.

This can be achieved by using two Identical Booking (Sibling) Discounts or Multiple Bookings In Activity (Sibling) Discount in this way:

  • If identical bookings for 2 or more children are made then a discount of 15% will be given, and

  • If identical bookings for 3 or more children are made then a discount of 10% will be given


It is also possible to configure scenarios where the sibling discount stops and so it is given only to one or two children in the family.

If you would like to set up a discount structure so that only one child in the family receives a 15% discount in a scenario where more than one child in the family has a booking. This can be achieved by using two discounts in this way:

  • When a family has 2 or more bookings then a 15% discount will be given, and

  • When a family has 3 or more bookings then no discount (0%) will be given

How Activity Discounts Apply

Please consider the below SCENARIO for illustration purposes.

A provider sets up an activity with a 10% Multiple Bookings In Activity (Sibling) Discount. Parent Amy books her two children into the activity. Parent Bob books his three children into the activity. The cost of the activity (assuming they're making the same bookings) is $100 per child usually, but in this case, they both receive the discount:

  • Amy's discount: The first child does not have the discount applied to them. The second child will be discounted by 10%. So Amy will be charged the full $100 for her first child, and $100 - 10% = $90 for her second child. Amy will be charged $190 for her total booking.

  • Bob's discount: His first child will not be discounted. His second child will receive a 10% discount, and his third child will receive another 10% discount. So the first child's booking will cost $100, the second $100-10%= $90, and the third child $100-10%= $90. Bob will be paying $280.

  • If you enabled 10% Early Bird Discount and Amy and Bob booked their children early, then all children would receive a 10% discount on top of the above discounts

Golden Rule

Discounts are only applied at the time of booking.

This means that if a parent modifies their booking and becomes eligible for a discount → they will not receive it.

Combining (Stacking) of Discounts

Default Setting

You can add per instance (account) configuration option to control how discounts are calculated.

  1. Head to Settings / Advanced Org / Discounts section

  2. There you will be able to see the default setting of combining (stacking) discount percentages by adding them together if an attendee is eligible for more than one discount. Please see the above scenario for Amy and Bob

  3. You can disable this setting by selecting NO. Then the discounts will not be combined (stacked). If a customer is eligible for multiple discounts then the discount worth the highest percentage value will be used

Please consider the below SCENARIO for illustration if you have chosen not to combine (stack) the discounts:

  • A staff member books both their children into a Holiday Programme as soon as bookings open

  • Because the staff member has booked early, has more than two children attending, and is a staff member they are eligible for the Earlybird (10%), Sibling (10%), and Staff discounts (60%)

  • Only the 60% Staff discount would be applied

Where Can I See Activity Discounts Applied?

  • Activity Discounts will apply against the child's invoice

  • Activity discounts are not saved and tracked against the customer's profile, as Direct Discounts do

  • Please see our Discount FAQ's for further information

What Parents Can See While Booking?

The below summary will be displayed on the booking form page:

Congratulations! You now know how the Enrolmy Activity Discounts work!