1. You need to add customers to Your Database

This document assumes the following:

  • You know how to access your CRM (Customers tab)

Add Adult

1. Under the Customers Tab, select 'Add Adult'.

2. Complete all of the details on the Adult/Parent, entering information in all of the required fields, including any direct family discounts you are offering.

3. Click either: Save (if you don't need to add a child with that parent), or Save and add child if you need to add a child too.


3. Save - if you save and do not need to add a child you will see the following:


You will see that a new Placeholder account has been created, a placeholder account is an account but not complete regarding the enrolment information, therefore they will receive an email asking them to complete their enrolment when they book into an activity. 

4. Save and add child

This time you will notice that you still receive the confirmation 'The placeholder (adult) was added', but now you need to enter in the student details.


Again you will see confirmation that the child placeholder account has been created.

5. Under the New Accounts tab, you will now see those new placeholder accounts.

Quick Book

Please consider Quick Book feature!

Import Customers

Please consider Importing Your Customers!

Awesome! You now know how to add customers without an invite to book.