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Additional Enrolmy Training and Support


  1. You have unique processes or systems and would like Enrolmy advice on how to manage this on the system.

  2. You have a new business offering and want to understand new areas of Enrolmy to service this offering.

  3. You want to understand the costs for additional training sessions.

  4. You want to understand the costs for additional monthly support.

  5. You want to know how to book a training session with an Enrolmy Team Member.

  6. You want to know how the training or support costs are charged to your account.

This document assumes the following:


When signing up for Enrolmy, every organisation receives guidance and training through our Customer Success Team on their new software package. We call this, onboarding. After customers complete their onboarding training, they have access to our Customer Support Team, Enrolmy Knowledgebase, In-App Tours, Powered by Enrolmy Newsletter updates and tips, and the ability to book additional 30 or 60 minute training sessions. Some costs are associated with additional support or training charges.


To become a confident user of your organisation's new software package and all its tools, our Customer Success Team guides you for an estimated 3-month period.

During this time, customers can expect to learn the following:

  1. How to set up your business on Enrolmy

    • From confidently creating new activities and publishing them online, to connecting their Xero Accounting Software and adding staff members.

  2. How to manage your activities on Enrolmy

    • Team members will understand the activity type functionalities and how they work specifically for your business processes. You will know how to publish these online and get activities published on your own website.

  3. How to manage your customers on Enrolmy

    • Staff will understand how to utilise Enrolmy’s emailing and SMS capabilities, how to create and manage enrolment forms, how to manage invoicing customers and sending booking reminders, as well as how to upkeep your CRM.

  4. How to manage finances and subsidies on Enrolmy

    • Staff will become competent in invoicing from Enrolmy and managing the integration of finances through Xero. Along with learning how to manage subsidy payments, discounts and vouchers through Enrolmy.

Our Customer Success Team aims to support the learning of Enrolmy Software, making it an easy transition for organisations to seamlessly integrate this powerful tool into their everyday work. Our ultimate goal at the end of the onboarding period is to have teams feel confident in creating new activities for their business, being able to easily manage their staff shifts, contact families easily, and have their cash flow and finances dealt with seamlessly.


After onboarding is complete, customers can access Enrolmy’s extensive knowledgebase, in-app tours, Powered by Enrolmy Newsletter or customer support team. Included in all Enrolmy Plans is 20 minutes of free support every month, for every organisation. Customers can reach out at any time to our support team.

How additional support charges are handled.

If organisations exceed the free support allotment for the month, then this will be added to the organisation's next month’s subscription invoice. This is chargeable at $85/hr. Customers are notified by our support team if this is the case.


Sometimes the need arises when further training is required. Maybe a new staff member has joined the team, maybe someone would like deeper training on a certain area on Enrolmy or you would like to support annual refreshers on your software package.

How to book additional training with Enrolmy Support.

Raise a normal query with our customer support team and let them know you would like to book time for additional training.

Training Investment




30 minutes

You outline what your needs are and we can follow this guideline OR our team can advise the best training plan based on your needs.

$42.50 NZD

60 minutes

$85.00 NZD



How additional training charges are handled

Training costs are added and charged to the next month's subscription invoice.

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