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Australia: Stripe Credit-Card Transaction Fee Explanation


  1. You are wanting to take credit card payments from your customers and need clarification on the fees associated.

This document assumes the following:

  • You are a business running in Australia.

  • You have opted to receive credit card payments from your customers.

How the Stripe Credit Card Transaction Fee Works

Every time a customer opts to pay for your activities by credit/debit card, a transaction fee will occur. The transaction fee will either be absorbed by the activity provider in full, or split between the parent and activity provider. As the provider, you decide how the fees are handled, based on how you want to accept payment for your activities.

Option 1: Enable Upfront Payment For Activities

  • The provider's full transaction fee amount is 3.63% + 30c

  • Transaction fees are inclusive of 15% GST 

Why do activity providers pay the full transaction fee when enabling upfront payment for activities?

When activating upfront payments for activities, providers will absorb the full credit/debit card transaction fee amount of 3.63% + 30c. Taking payments for activities upfront enables you to:

  1. Activate payment installment plans as a payment method for credit-card-only activities

  2. Have Enrolmy automatically reconcile credit/debit card payments against invoices

  3. Empower parents to pay for their term activity within two hours of booking with you

  4. Ensure that customers who don't pay for your activity, don't take up a bookable space

  5. Have refunds handled by Enrolmy Support

 Option 2: Enable Various Forms Of Payment For Activities

  • The split fee amount that a parent pays is 1.85%

  • The split fee amount that a provider pays is 1.85% + 30c

Why activity providers enable various forms of payment for activities.

Activity providers can opt-in to split the credit/debit card transaction fee amount with customers. Splitting the fee with customers enables providers to accept various forms of payment for the activity ie. credit/ direct debit, automatic payment, cash, or POS payments. 

Please note: Credit cards issued outside of your home country can have higher customer fees applied to them.

How To Change Your Fee Structure 

If you have already submitted your Credit Card Setup form but would like to change the fee structure that your organisation has selected. Then please contact Enrolmy Support with a written request to make the change.

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