1. You are a provider and you want to know how Blacklisting works

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You are a proficient user of Enrolmy

 This Help Guide will cover the following:

  • Definition and how it works?

  • How to add a customer to a Blacklist

  • How to remove a customer from a Blacklist

  • Various Usage Scenarios

Definition and How it Works


Customers on the blacklist will not be able to make bookings until they are removed from the Blacklist or any conditions associated with their blacklist status.

How it Works

Currently, customers can be blacklisted in two ways:

  • A complete ban - this prevents the parent from booking in any way, or

  • If they have outstanding invoices - this prevents the parent from booking until they pay ALL outstanding invoices with the provider.

Customers are blacklisted by their email addresses. This means that existing and non-existing customers can be blacklisted. When the blacklisted customer attempts to book with Enrolmy using the blacklisted email address they will be unable to complete their booking. Blacklisted customers are also unable to edit existing bookings. See this help guide for further guidance: Blacklisting: What Parents See While Booking or Changing Existing Booking 

The customer will only be blocked from booking activities with that particular provider. More specifically the Enrolmy instance for that provider. Therefore a customer may be blacklisted with one franchisee in an organisation but will still be able to book with another franchisee if not blacklisted with them also.

How to Add a Customer to a Blacklist

  • Please note - any current bookings this customer books will not be cancelled, you will need to action this yourself. The cancellation process will depend on the type of activity.

An Existing Customer

  1. Head to the customer's profile and select Add to Blacklist

  2. Choose a Reason and add an Explanation

A New Customer

  1. Head to Customers tab / + / Blacklisted Customers / Add Customer to Blacklist

  2. Enter the email address of the customer

  3. Choose a Reason and add an Explanation

How to Remove the Customer from Blacklisting

There are two ways how to remove customers from being Blacklisted:

1. Head to the Customers / + / Blacklisted Customers. Select the Action Cog on the right side and then Remove:

2. If the customer pays for their overdue invoices, they will be automatically permitted to book or amend bookings.

Various Usage Scenarios

There are various usage scenarios you can consider:

Blacklisting due to Unpaid Invoices

The customer has not paid and the provider wants to restrain them from attending

Banning Customers

  • A child has behavioural problems

  • Parents are not cooperating

  • If the parent is a repeat debtor in which the provider does not want them to book again

Congratulations! You know how Blacklisting works!

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