1. You are a provider and you want to know what you can see and manage 

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You understand what the purpose of Blacklisting is 

  • You know how to set up Blacklisting 

This help guide contains the following:

  • What Provider Can See

  • How does Blacklisting Work Together with the Tablet and Mobile App? 

What Provider Can See

The provider can see the Blacklisted customers in a few ways:

1. Under the Blacklisted primary guardian's profile, the primary guardian will have a label Blacklisted and a Blacklist History will be visible:

2. Under the Blacklisted the child's profile, the child will have a warning message above their details:

3. When using Add an attendee a Blacklist label shows next to the primary guardian for each attendee:

4. A notification will show when creating or editing a booking for the child of a blacklisted guardian:


5. Head to the Customers / + / Blacklisted Customers. You will see the list of ALL Blacklisted customers:

6. The Blacklisted customers will show a Status called Blacklisted and black circle next to their name under the Customers section:

7. A black circle will display in front of the primary contact name in the following locations:

  • Customer tab

  • Money tab → Invoices

  • Money tab → Credit Notes

  • Activities tab → (activity) → All Attendees

  • Activities tab → (activity) → Bookings

  • Activities tab → (activity) → Invoicing

How Blacklisting Work Together with the Tablet and Mobile App

Mobile App

Blacklisted parents and their children show with a black dot in front of their name when “Adding Attendees” or on the “Customers” tab.

Currently, Tablet Apps do not reflect information related to Blacklisted customers.

Congratulations! You now know what you as a provider can see in relation to Blacklisting!