1. You want to ensure your families use their Enrolmy Customer ID number as their payment reference

This document assumes you know the following:

Enrolmy ensures that all customers have an Enrolmy ID associated with it. This can be used as a payment reference that customers use to speed up the bank reconciliation process within Xero. There are four steps to be followed in order to use Enrolmy ID’s within Xero:

  1. Setup Enrolmy ID's against Xero contacts - How To Setup Enrolmy Customer ID's Against Xero Contacts

  2. Create A Xero Bank Rule Using Enrolmy ID's - Create A Xero Bank Rule Using Enrolmy ID's

  3. Communicate with parents to use this Enrolmy ID as a reference

Setup Enrolmy Customer ID Option As Payment Reference Request

1. Inside Enrolmy, head to the Settings and then Invoice Settings section

2. Ensure you have selected Primary Contact ID as a reference to be used when making payment. This will display on the invoices and statements emailed out to customers. 

3. Select Save changes

Awesome! Now when parents make bank transfer payments for their programmes and utilise their Enrolmy Customer ID as the payment reference; your contact setup and bank rule creation will speed up your payment reconciliation process.