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Enrolmy Communications Status Definitions


  1. You want to know what your communication statuses mean

This document assumes the following:

  • You have an active Enrolmy account that has communications

  • You understand how to navigate Enrolmy

Location Of The Communications Section And Related Status Column

1. Head to the Communications section within your instance (account)

2. Here you will find various tabs that can have one of the statuses described in the table below:

  • All Emails

  • Draft Emails

  • Queued Emails

  • Sent Emails

  • SMS Messages

  • Cancelled Emails

  • Unsubscribed

Status Column Explained



An Unopened Email is the one that was delivered to the customer but not yet read by the customer

An Opened Email is an email that a customer already received and seen the message

A Clicked Email means the recipient click the link in the email

A Draft Email is an email that contains context that is unsent or undelivered

If an email is queued, that means that the email you're trying to send is stuck in your outbox. However, know that queued emails typically get delivered later without any issues.

When an email gets stuck in the outbox (queued) and you decide to stop the delivery of the message it will go to the Cancelled email list.

This is an indicator that a bulk email was sent. Colours follow the above statuses.

Congratulations! Now you understand Enrolmy Status definitions for Communications!

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