1. You want to know what your customer statuses mean

  2. You want to know how to convert customer statuses

  3. You want to know what your money statuses mean

This document assumes the following:

  • You have an active Enrolmy account that has customers

  • You understand how to navigate Enrolmy

Where to find the Customers section and related Status column?

1. Head to the Customers section within your instance (account)

2. Here, you will find various tabs that can have one of the statuses described in the table below:

  • Active Accounts

  • Accounts with current bookings

  • New Accounts

  • Archived Accounts

  • Placeholder Accounts

The Customer section and related Status column explained

The below table explains each Status and how to convert it.




How to convert

A Placeholder account is one created by the provider, which the parent does not have access to unless invited.

This status reflects that the customer has been added to the Enrolmy system by a staff member in your organisation. The customer has not yet created an Enrolmy account nor completed their enrolment forms or paid for invoices.

To convert placeholder accounts to new accounts, select the action cog > select resend invitation. An email link will be sent to get the customer started on Enrolmy.

A New account is one created by a parent within the last 21 days.

The “21 days” value can be personalised for each Enrolmy user by going to Settings → App Settings → New Account Tag.

Your organisation's staff can invite these NEW customers to book activities.

An Active account reflects that the customer has an Enrolmy account.

This is an account that a parent has access to and is actively using. It was created by the parent or may have previously been a Placeholder account that was created by the provider. Bookings aren’t considered here - an Active account may or may not have a current booking.

No further action is needed.

An account that is associated with a current booking.

An account with an active current booking made by a staff member or a parent.


An account that has been archived from view by the provider.

It only hides the account from view; it does not disable access for a parent. An Archived account may become Active again automatically if the parent makes a new booking using that account.

If this is a duplicate account, please see our duplicate account help guide on how to manage these. 

Congratulations! Now you understand Enrolmy Status definitions for Customers section!

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