1. You have some duplicate customer profiles and you want to merge them

This document assumes the following:

  • You have Active attendee accounts

  • You know your way around the Customer Tab

  • You understand how your customers have bookings

Duplicate Profiles and How They Happen.

Duplicate profiles can be that of a parent, child, children or all.  Primarily this happens when a parent (or whoever is booking) chooses to " Add another Child" rather than select the child's name from what is displayed.


Automatically merging placeholders 

The system follows these rules around duplicate accounts:

1. If a provider has created placeholder accounts and the customer is brand new, all placeholders will become “real” accounts.

2. If a provider has created a placeholder account and the customer has existing “real” accounts that match the name exactly, then the placeholder account will be replaced with the “real” account.

3. If a provider has created a placeholder account and the customer has existing “real” accounts that can not be matched by name exactly, then the user will get a popup message asking them if the placeholder account is for an existing child or if it is for a new child.​


Hiding double-ups from parents where possible

On the booking form, if a parent has already created double-up accounts, the system will only display one copy of each child's name where possible. The system follows a series of rules to decide which is the best account to pick as the one to display.

The hope here is that over time parents will keep using the same account which will make it easier to archive out the unused double-ups in the future. Customer enquiries that are sent by parents to providers from the Enrolmy website appear in the providers' back-end website as well.

There is a little notification bell in the top right corner that will glow if there are new customer enquiries. Providers will continue to receive these messages by email as well.



How to Merge Your Customer Accounts

From time to time you can end up with duplicate or sometimes quadruple accounts in Enrolmy when a customer keeps creating new accounts, this can cause issues to your bookings, so accounts and must be kept at one per person.

You can simply archive these accounts if they are clear and no monies owing, or you can merge two together so long as one is a placeholder and one an active account.

***Please note, you must ensure that the account you wish to merge to, has a booking in the activity needed, you will need to add them first if they haven't been, then carry out the merge***

 Here is how to merge a placeholder with an active account:

1. Select the Customers Tab.

2. Search for the family or student name.

3. From the displayed list ensure there is a placeholder and active account, this could be for the same person or different people if these are the ones you are merging.

4. When you have the Placeholder account showing, select the Cog to the far right of the screen for that account, then select Archive Customer from the selection.




5. Select OK, you will then see the following pop up when invoices are attached to the account.


6. When you have confirmed the change, you will see confirmation of the merge, and invoices will be re-assigned to the new account.


 You will need to repeat this process for ALL accounts, either for parents or for the child/(children).

NB: If there are no invoices associated with the placeholder account you will not be given the option to merge accounts, only archive, and the account will be automatically archived when selecting that from step 4.


Monies Owed From an Archived Customer

Enrolmy will allow you to archive a customer who has monies owing. When you have archived a customer, ensure you check monies owing in the 'Awaiting Payment' tab.


Preventing parents from entering the same child twice

If a parent is making a booking and they enter in the name of an existing child then a popup will appear that asks them “Are you making a booking for [child’s name]? YES / NO”

Depending on the situation, one of three things could happen if the parent clicks YES:

1. The child already has a booking at this activity so the parent is automatically taken to edit that booking.

2. The child already exists in the list of names and so the name is automatically ticked.

3. The child already exists but they can’t be selected because they are too old or young. In which case the system displays a friendly “Sorry, Johnny is too old to book…” message.


Awesome! You now know how to manage duplicate customer accounts.