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Enterprise Only: Multi-Instance Full Attendance Report


  1. You are an Enrolmy Enterprise customer with multi-instances.

  2. You would like to understand how the full attendance report works across instances.

This document assumes the following:

  • You are one of the head administrators of your Enrolmy HQ Account.

  • You have run/are running activities for at least one of your Enrolmy instances.

What is the Multi-Instance Full Attendance Report?

This new report shows all attendance reports from different Enrolmy instances in one area for easy reporting and understanding.

The Full Attendance report provides a comprehensive breakdown of bookings and attendance, including waiting list utilisation.

This report is a like-for-like replica of the existing Full Attendance report with these added features:

  • Visualise data for all instances

  • Total Hours Attended

  • Sorting of columns

  • Ability to multi-select which instances to report on

  • Ability to multi-select venues

  • Automatic saving of previously generated reports for quicker access

Accessing the Multi-Instance Full Attendance Report

To access the report:

  1. Log in to your Enrolmy HQ Account

  2. Head over to the Insights tab and select Full Attendance

  3. Use the filters for organisations, venues, month and columns as needed

  4. Click Search

Saved Reports

Depending on how large the data you are trying to access, the report may sometimes take a while to load. If the report is still loading, you should be able to access other areas of Enrolmy. Once it loads, the report is automatically saved and you can access this by clicking on the circles marked FA.

Other versions of the report previously loaded is also automatically saved. You will see quick information by hovering over it such as whn you when generated the report or important filters you utlised for the report.

Understanding Full Attendance Report

Read this help guide to understand how the Full Attendance Report works.

Awesome! You now understand the new Multi-Instance Full Attendance Report!

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