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FAQ's For Customers

Some common Questions and Answers are noted below.



My customer has created duplicate child profiles on her account, what do I do to remove them?

Firstly distinguish the names you wish to remove and archive these. Then, raise a ticket with our support team to have the records deleted entirely so the parent cannot see them on their account.  

Please explain to the customer until then they must not book against those profiles.

If there are active bookings you will either need to wait until that passes or remove the bookings and re add to the correct profile.

My customer states they have not received our invoices, why would that be?

The first thing to check would be the email address for the customer, ensure it is valid and there are no spaces.  Next would be to check with the customer if they have checked their spam, trash, or any promotional folders, quite often if they are a new customer the email address is unrecognised or they have tight filters, hotmail accounts historically filter a lot of our emails straight to spam or junk.

How can my customer update their personal details?

Advise your customer to log into their account, from the menu to left of their screen they will see ways to change email address, card details etc.

For any personal information, simply Access the My Providers link, Select the Enrolment form for that provider, then edit the information.

My Customer booked in their child to an activity but was then advised the booking was cancelled?

All credit card only payment activities will cancel if the customer does not pay within the 2 hour window, so do check to see if this is the reason, if so the booking and all associated invoices are removed freeing up spaces for new customers.

When exporting a CSV, it has timed-out?

Your CSV export may take too long to complete, or time out. The reasons for this may be due too;

  • The internet connection is unstable during the CSV export.

  • The volume of items you are trying to export may be too large at one time. 

To resolve this you can try too;

  1. Refresh your browser, reset the WIFI connection and re-try the export. 

  1. Export your information by sections to reduce the volume of data being exported at one time. 

  1. If step 1 & 2 does not work, then please contact Customer Support to request export assistance from our team.

Awesome! Now you know the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

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