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FAQ's For Payment Instalment Plans

Some common Questions and Answers are noted below.



Can a parent opt into a payment instalment plan and add any outstanding credit?

A parent will need to complete a booking and opt into a payment plan. Once the invoice has been added to the cart, any available credit can be applied:


What happens if the credit applied is more than the payment instalment plan?

If the credit applied covers more than the anticipated payment plan altogether - it then shows as the entire plan skipped and invoice is paid off:


What happens if the credit pays more than the first instalment?

If the credit available covers more than just the first instalment, it skips the first payment and reduces the total of the next instalment:

  • Payment 02/03 skipped

  • Payment due 31/03 reduced to $19.90

  • Payment due 28/04 $47.70


What happens if the credit is less than what the first payment instalment value is?

If the credit is less than what the first payment instalments value - it will reduce the total and then the remainder will be automatically deducted the next day.

Why was a parent charged when they used a credit/subsidy or voucher that covered their first payment?

To avoid fraud and theft, Enrolmy will always charge the parents credit/debit card to authenticate the payment method. The charge may be the minimum charge fee that you setup within your activity settings.

What happens if a payment instalment deduction fails?

Enrolmy will attempt to take the payment three more times.

How can I see which of my parents and invoices are using the payment instalment method?

Read this help guide for more information.

How will payment instalments automatically be deducted by Enrolmy if I setup the manual bank payment option?

To ensure that payment instalment plans are paid by parents and reconciled automatically, we advise you to switch the ‘Make paying by credit card the only available payment option’ to Yes.

Capture 2024-03-14 at 13.19.06 (1).png

If you give parents the option to pay their instalment plan via a manual bank transfer/cash method, and a parent chooses this during their booking process. Enrolmy is not authorised to enforce card/debit card payments to ensure that your instalment plans get paid.

Awesome! Now you know the answers to some of our Frequently asked questions!

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