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FAQ's for WINZ

Some common Questions and Answers are noted below.



How can I calculate how much WINZ subsidy my organization receives annually?

You can run a statement from Xero which will show all payments received.

How are subsidies reflected in Xero?

If you set up your Xero account codes for subsidies then all you need to do is run a detailed account transaction report in Xero.

How can I print a report on WINZ receivers in Enrolmy?

Export a list of all WINZ Credit Notes that have been applied to invoices following:

  • Money tab → Invoices → Paid

  • Click on +Filters

  • Filter by WINZ Customers Only

This will generate a report of all invoices paid with WINZ credit notes generated within the specified date filter.

You can then Export to CSV to filter per receiver.

How does Enrolmy calculate a subsidy when a child is absent?

The Enrolmy Subsidy Reconciliation Process will generate a WINZ Credit Note for every child that is identified on the WINZ Statement that your organization receives. Even if the child was absent for a week or not even booked into the program.

WINZ has sent through the subsidy schedule early due to a public holiday coming up, how do I handle this?

WINZ will send through the subsidy schedule early if there is a public holiday, generally on a Monday. This then results in TWO schedules uploaded for the same week.

To manage this process, the week will need to be changed to the following week. To do this follow the below:

How can I view all WINZ customers within my database?

Within Accounts with Current Bookings, select the filters button and choose WINZ Customers Only:

Great! Please head to the WINZ Management section within our Help Centre for further details!

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