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New Feature - Enrolmy Roster

We’re super excited to announce that the Enrolmy Roster is now, officially live!

Watch the Roster in action below!

To get started with the Roster in your organisation, checkout the following articles;

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Despite many existing staff scheduling applications, you have told us that a Rostering feature which seamlessly integrates with your activity management tool and sessions would be a game-changer for your business.

Staff Rostering for kids activity providers is here 🚀

  • See your booking numbers and employees all in one place

  • Quickly schedule shifts weeks in advance

  • Easily see if your child-to-staff ratio is on point!

  • View when staff clock in and out!

  • Get ready to super-power communication with your people as you run your activities.

Join the waitlist!

Would you like to give rostering a try? We are currently seeking customers to work with and provide feedback on the rostering system for the remainder of 2023. Join our waitlist to gain free access for the rest of the year! To sign up for the waitlist, within your Enrolmy Organisation complete the following;

  1. Select the Roster menu

  1. Submit the waitlist sign-up form.

  2. Our Customer Success Team will be in touch.

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