What’s New?

Enrolmy’s Staff Rostering capability is currently under construction 🛠️ and looking to be released to existing customers in 2023! Despite many existing staff rostering applications, you have let us know that an Enrolmy-developed feature that seamlessly integrates with activities and sessions would be a game-changer for your business. So our team is developing just that! 🚀

How Will Staff Rostering Work?

Our Staff Rostering feature will also provide the following solutions for activity providers who;

  • Are looking for a Staff Rostering application built specifically for kid's activity providers and their programme needs.

  • Want to grow their business and need to automate their internal processes to free up their time for growth-orientated tasks.

  • Are wanting accurate and easy-to-understand reports that calculate their staff hours worked, daily, fortnightly, weekly and monthly.

  • Want their activity, venue and booking number data to update in real-time within your Staff Rostering application, allowing you to make efficient changes when needed.

When Can I Use Staff Rostering?

We are taking feedback on any further requirements that Activity Providers may need in a rostering application! We would love to hear your thoughts or helpful suggestions! Please leave your feedback through a customer support ticket. See how to create a customer support query here. We will update all our customers when the Staff Rostering feature goes live in 2023 🚀

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