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Feature Coming Soon ~ Website Builder

What’s New?

Our talented designers and marketers will re-design and migrate your existing website to our data-secure platform. We will update your website with professional and modern designs, using the best web and UI practices to create a beautiful web front for your business that seamlessly integrates with your Enrolmy activities—making your website a customer-friendly and optimised booking platform!

The new website builder will be perfect for activity providers who;

  • Don’t have any experience with coding or user interface knowledge - Let our experienced front-end developers take the wheel.

  • Want a professional and modern website but struggle with design - Our UI/UX designers know website optimisation like the back of their hand.

  • Worry about data security and privacy on cloud platforms - Our Cloud Architect and developers use the most up-to-date and secure coding base.

  • Want a seamless booking experience for families that integrates with activities on Enrolmy - Enrolmy’s API framework makes integration possibilities endless!

How Will The Website Builder Work?

Send our team your website copy, imagery and design ideas. Our designer will provide a draft website for you to review and give feedback on.

We will go through a final editing process before going live on your new, secure, modern website!

When Can I Use The Website Builder?

We are currently taking feedback on further requirements that activity providers need when designing your website. We would love to hear your concerns or helpful suggestions! Please leave your feedback through a customer support ticket. See how to create a customer support query here. We will update all our customers when the Website Builder goes live 🚀

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