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Find & Print QR Codes


  1. You are running a programme and want to provide a contactless option for parents to sign their children in and out

  2. You want to know where to find the QR code for your activity

  3. You want to know how to print the QR code for your activity

This document assumes the following:

  • You have setup your activities and understand how to navigate Enrolmy

  • You have read and understood the Utilising QR Codes Overview guide

Parent Communication

If you adopt the QR code to manage contactless sign in/out then we advise you to inform your parents of the process they need to understand and follow when it comes to contactless drop-off and picks up of their children. Each organisation likely has their own process to communicate, however, we have provided one below if this is not the case for you. 

Find Your Activity QR Code

You should know that every activity will have its own unique QR code. If you are running multiple activities at one venue, you will need to print off multiple QR codes. 

1. Within the Activities menu, head to the activity that you want to find a QR code for. 

2. On the activity dashboard, scroll until you see the QR code For Contactless Sign In section

3. Each activity will have its own unique QR code and can be found this same way. 

How To Print QR Codes

1. Within your activity dashboard, select Print Your QR Code Poster For This Activity

2. Another webpage will appear with the option to print the QR Code, adjust your print settings and select Print.

Great! You now know how to find and print off QR codes!

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