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How Subscription Active Attendee Numbers are Calculated


  • You want to understand how your subscription works

  • You want to know what Active Attendee means

  • You want to find your Active Attendee number

This document assumes the following:

What is an Active Attendee?

An Active Attendee is a customer who has made at least one booking into one of your programmes within the last six months.

How This Affects Your Enrolmy Subscription

Your subscription will allow a certain number of Active Attendees. If this number is exceeded, you may need to upgrade your Enrolmy Subscription Plan.

How To Find Your Active Attendee Number

  1. Click your organisation name.

  2. Your Active Attendee detail will display. Here you can see:

    • Your subscription Active Attendee cap

    • Your current Active Attendee number

    • If your Active Attendee cap is oversubscribed and by what percentage

  3. For more details, click your Active Attendee number.

Awesome! You now understand how your Active Attendee number affects your subscription plan!

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