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How To Add Tiles To Another Minisite


  1. You want to turn off your minisite 

  2. You want your tiles to display on another provider's minisite 

  3. You want to allow another provider to display their tiles on your minisite

This document assumes the following:

  • You have current or future activities

How to Request Adding Tiles

It is possible to have your minisite tiles displayed on other providers/instance minisites. The instructions below will show you how to set this up.

1. Go to your Settings and select Advanced Org

2. In Your minisite box, type the name of the provider's minisite where you want your tiles displayed and select

3. Scroll down to Save changes

Providers will need to approve the display. They will do this by:

1. Go to Settings and select Advanced Org

2. Under Your minisite, select the button to Approve this request. The requester's tiles will then display on the minisite

How to Remove Tiles from Your Minisite

Please refer to this help guide for further details: How To Remove Activity Tiles From Another Minisite

Awesome! Now you know how to add your tiles to another minisite!

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