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How to Download and Use the Parent Kiosk App (Tablet App)


  1. You wish to use the Parent Kiosk App (Tablet App) to capture signatures of parents

This document assumes the following:

  • You have at least one activity set up which has taken bookings on Enrolmy, and you are operational.

  • You have added your staff to the Enrolmy App and have assigned them to their activities

Use of the Parent Kiosk App

The Parent Kiosk App is used for:

  • Parents to sign their children in/out

Enrolmy Sign-In Kiosk Tablet App

Tablet device operating systems are regularly updated by their developers, and as a result, older versions eventually become unsupported and outdated. At Enrolmy, we strive to ensure our mobile and tablet apps are compatible with various devices. However, there are instances where we must discontinue support for older devices due to the lack of support from operating system developers.

Specs for Android to Ensure Compatibility with the App

When purchasing a new device, we strongly recommend choosing a model with the most recent Android operating system within your budget.

Currently, Android 14 represents the latest Android version, while Android 11 is the oldest version still supported by Android developers.

While Enrolmy apps may continue to function on Android 9 and 10, it’s important to note that future updates may compromise their functionality.

Specs for Apple IOS to Ensure Compatibility with the App

We recommend regularly updating the device's operating system at least every quarter as updates are sent from Apple.

IOS 17 is fully supported, and efforts are made to support IOS 16 and lower, but again we strongly recommend running up-to-date devices for security and reliability.

How To Download the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App

The Tablet Application can be downloaded to Android or Apple devices. Please make sure that your tablet systems and settings are up to date.

1. Open the Google Play or App Store, depending on your device.

2. Search for the Enrolmy Sign-In Kiosk in Apple's App Store, or Android's Play Store and download

3. Once downloaded, open up the Parent Kiosk Application and log in using your Enrolmy credentials.

Congratulations! You now know How to Download the Parent Kiosk App!

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