1. Your organisation uses Xero Accounting Software

  2. You want to integrate your Enrolmy Account with your Xero Organisation

This document assumes the following:

  • You have undergone a Xero Introduction Course and understand these basic accounting principles.

  • You have prepared your sessions & categories.

  • You have all your account codes in Xero setup with payments enabled to them.

  • You have setup account codes for WINZ Payments (only applicable for OSCAR Providers)

Connect Enrolmy To Your Xero Organisation

  1. In Enrolmy, navigate to your Organisation's Settings, then the Xero Integration section.

  2. Select 'Yes, I would like to enable integration between Xero and Enrolmy.'

  3. Then select 'Link with Xero Organisation'

  4. In the pop-up; follow the prompts to login to your Xero Account. 

 Common Queries When Initially Connecting Enrolmy & Xero

Question: What happens if I am an administrator of multiple Xero Organisations?

After you have input your Xero login credentials, you will be asked by Xero to select which organisation you are wanting to connect with Enrolmy. At this point, make sure to select the correct organisation that you want to integrate with this Enrolmy Account.


Question: I am unable to progress any further after I input my Xero login credentials. Why is this and what can I do now?

This may be due to the user permissions that your log-in credentials have inside Xero. To be able to undergo the Enrolmy & Xero Integration, you need to have the highest administration user levels inside your Xero Account. To progress further you will need...

  • Your accountant to give you higher user permission inside Xero, then log back into Enrolmy and complete the steps above. 

  • OR, your accountant must connect your Xero Organisation with Enrolmy. If this is the case, add your accountant as a staff member inside your Enrolmy account.

Now that Enrolmy & Xero have been integrated. You will need to set your chart of accounts in Enrolmy!