1. You want to know how to refund payments back to your customer's card

  2. You want to know how to reconcile this in Enrolmy

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You understand how to generate credit notes from your activity type

  • You understand how to wire transfer payments back to customer's bank accounts


You can refund a customer and tie this up in Enrolmy in two possible ways.

  • Back to their bank account.

  • Directly to their credit card.

How to refund back to a bank account

1. Generate a credit note; this can usually be done from within your activity and cancelling a customers booking. 

2. Open the credit note and select refund

3. Add the refund details into the pop-up and save

4. Your credit note will be marked as paid, now if you use Xero, complete a Xero Sync

5. Once inside your bank account, refund the customers cash,  back to their account.


How to reconcile refunded credit notes in Xero

 How to refund back to credit card

1. Raise a customer support ticket with the following information below

- The customers full name needs a refund

 - The invoice number related to the customers booking

- Confirmation of the amount to refund

- Refund reason

2. Our customer support team will refund the credit card payment back to your customer's card, as well as raise and make off the credit note. 

3. If using Xero, please complete a Xero sync.  

Credit Card Refund FAQ's 

Q: How do I raise a support ticket

See how to raise a support ticket here.


Q: Where are refunded monies deducted from?

Understanding this process is important so that you can work out payments correctly, you might see some which may not seem correct at first glance, and this could be due to previous refunds.

  • When refunds are made back to a person's credit card the funds are issued from Stripe.

  • No money actually leaves your account at the time of the customer refund.

  • Your next payout lump-sum will have this refund deducted from it.


Q: Are the fee's also refunded back?

Yes, Stripe refunds the fees back to the customer's card. You (the provider) will find that your half or full amount of the fee, will not be 'taken' by Stripe at the end of the month. 

 Awesome! You can manage refunds in Enrolmy easily!