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How To Process Credit/Debit Refunds


You have a customer who paid for their activity on Enrolmy by credit/debit card payment. You now want to process a credit/debit card refund for this customer and need to know how to do so

This document assumes the following:

  • You have cancelled the customers booking appropriately

  • A credit note exists for this customer booking cancellation

  • You have checked that this customer paid by credit/debit card on Enrolmy

  • There is enough balance in your organisation Stripe account that is equal or more than the total amount that needs to be refunded.

How To Process A Stripe Credit/Debit Card Refund

If your customers have paid by credit/debit card via Enrolmy for their activities, then the customer can receive a refund directly to their card.

Please note

  • The billpayer will receive the total amount that they paid on Enrolmy. This will include their activity fee + credit card transaction fee. 

  • The refund will be coming directly from your organisation's Stripe Account balance, not your organisation's bank account. In some cases, we might need you to transfer money into your Stripe account before we are able to trigger the refund.

  • The Enrolmy Support Team have to trigger refunds for you.

  • The refund can take within up to ten working days to appear in the billpayers account once the Enrolmy Team has triggered it through Stripe.

Contact Enrolmy Support with the below information to trigger a refund for you:

  1. The billpayer's full name

  2. The child's full name.

  3. The Credit Note number → This needs to have been generated directly from activity and not manually created

  4. Confirmation of the total refund amount.

Enrolmy Support will be in contact should they require more information or if you need to transfer money into your organisation’s Stripe account balance.

Great! Enrolmy will now contact you to confirm that the refund to the billpayer has been triggered. 

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