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How to Pause Your Enrolmy Subscription


  1. You want to find out how to pause your Enrolmy Subscription

This document assumes the following:

  • You are the Account Holder of the Organisation

How To Pause Your Enrolmy Subscription 

  1. Notify Enrolmy Support that you wish to pause your Enrolmy Subscription. Include the following information in your ticket:

    • The month for which you wish to pause your Enrolmy Subscription.

    • The month you intend to re-activate your Enrolmy Subscription.

  2. Your Enrolmy account will be paused from your next subscription billing date.

Reactivation of your Enrolmy Subscription

The Enrolmy Team will reach out to you within your specified month for confirmation to re-activate your Enrolmy Subscription. 

Note: There is a one-off re-activation fee of $165.00 on top of your first monthly subscription payment when you re-activate your subscription. For example;

Plan Fee Example

Re-activation Fee Example

Total One-Off Payment




Awesome! You now understand what it means to how to pause your Enrolmy Subscription.

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