1. You have an activity running 

  2. You have completed the day/activity

  3. You need to know how to reconcile the attendance for it

This document assumes the following:

How To Manage Your Attendance 

1. Click on Attendance in your activity

2. Click on the day you want to view

  • If you would like to print rolls just select the days you wish to print and click 'Print Daily Attendance Form'.

Please note that Attendance section will record the attendance time stamps from the use of the Mobile App, Tablet Kiosk or QR Codes.


How To Reconcile Attendance

1. Click on the Session Drop down to change 

2. Make any changes needed to your attendance 

You can move them to the waiting list which will move them to the waiting list section.

How To Add An Attendee To A Day

1. Select the 'Search all children' box and type in the student's name you need to add an attendee who is not currently in the activity.

2. Click 'Add extra attendee'.

3. Select the correct session they are in and Save Changes.

If the child has an associated discount, this will not automatically be applied upon adding a child to an activity manually. You will need to select the ā€œDā€ bubble to add this in.

Save And Finalise 

Once you are ready to;

a) Generate Invoices (invoicing in arrears)

b) Make Adjustments (invoicing in advance)

1. Confirm that this is now a true and accurate record for the day.

2. Save Changes if you do anticipate that there will be changes to the day

3. Save and Finalise if you do not anticipate that there will be changes for the day

Drafted by and Finalized by details are displayed:

Sign In / Out Times

If an attendee is signed in early, signed out late, or is absent this will be highlighted on the reconciliation page. Sign In and Out times are currently highlighted according to these rules:

  • Orange: attendee is 5 to 15 minutes early/late to a session.

  • Red: attendee is over 15 minutes early/late to a session.

  • Purple: attendee was marked as Absent.

Unlock Attendance

You can unlock your attendance whether you are invoicing in arrears or advance should you need to make any changes; however, please be mindful when doing so.

Awesome! You now know how to reconcile attendance!

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