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How To Undergo A Xero Sync


  1. You want to send invoices, credit notes, contact and payment information from Enrolmy to Xero, and vice versa

  2. You want to troubleshoot issues that you are seeing with your Xero Sync

This document assumes the following:

  • You have prepared your Xero Account to integrate with Enrolmy

  • Your activity categories & sessions are set up correctly

  • You have completed your Xero Chart of Accounts setup

  • You are a proficient user of Xero Accounting Software

How to Launch A Xero Sync

Enrolmy's Xero Integration will ensure that reconciling your customer's payments against their activity invoices is streamlined and automated. Launching a Xero Sync will send all your Enrolmy generated contact, invoice, credit note and payment information to Xero. At the same time, Enrolmy will pull through invoices, credit notes and payment information from Xero. When a sync has been completed, invoices and credit notes in Enrolmy and Xero should match.  

  1. Select the + next to money and head to Xero Sync

  2. Select Launch Xero Sync

  3. Choose Start Sync

  4. The line items will appear as green as they are completing a sync

  5. A Xero Sync has been completed once all line items are green.


Always check your Xero Log for any error messages that could have occurred during the Xero Sync in order to rectify them. For more information, please see this help guide.

Awesome! You can now complete a Xero sync!

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