1. You have a child/children attending your activities who come from a split family

  2. Both parents wish to know what is happening with the activity

This document assumes the following:

  • Both parents need access to the booking system

  • Each parent has their own Enrolmy Account with their Children associated

There are occasions when parents have shared care for their children.  They want to share the BASC and activities with one another.  You will need a clear process for handling these situations.

Areas for Clarity:

  1. Subsidies

  2. Communication

  3. Authorised access and pick up

  4. Separate accounts and bookings

1. Subsidies

In a situation where you have two parents working together on shared care but one parent receives a subsidy and another one doesn't, or even if neither receive subsidies but the care is shared the best way to run there accounts are as follows:

  1. Both parents can have their own Enrolmy account. 

  2. Each individual parent adds the other parent to their account as the second parent.

  3. Each parent adds their children.  This will mean you have two of each children in the system.

  4. You (the provider) then add an identifier to the last name of each child.  That way you will know which child is associated with which parent.

    • (M) to the children associated with the Mother. e.g. John Smith (M)

    • (D) to the children associate with the Father. e.g. John Smith (D)


By doing this, bookings made by either parent can easily be determined.

2. Communication

Communication is also something to consider.  When a booking is made it is that parent who receives the confirmation and invoice. It is best practice to ensure the parent understands that each account is separate and this is how it works, however should they wish they can grant each other access as explained in point 4.

Communication from yourself to the parents, you need to remember that any changes to the activity or processes must have both parents updated, even if no booking currently exists for one of the parents, your own internal process can take care of this situation.

3. Authorised pick-ups

Each parent will add their own Authorised Pick-Up persons to their accounts.


4. Separate accounts

To help with the management of such scenarios we made it simpler for parents to share access to their account for the purpose of managing those bookings.

During the enrolment process either parent can add the other as shown below:


Awesome! You now know how to manage split families/shared care.