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New Feature ~ Credit Allocation

What’s New at Enrolmy

Introducing Credit Allocation 🚀

The latest Enrolmy feature that allows families to use their own credits when they book and pay for activities. Credit Allocation is an optional feature that can only be activated by you, the activity provider, within your organisation settings.

See Credit Allocation in Action!

Credit Allocation has been designed to help activity providers:

  • Reduce the number of queries they receive from families who are confused about their credit notes by giving parents clear visibility of their stored-up credit, and the ability to use it as needed.

  • Cut the back-and-forth communication of how and when to use a family’s credit, by allowing parents to do this themselves.

  • Encourage parents to continue re-booking with your organisation by offering them greater flexibility and control over their credits, as well as giving children another opportunity to experience your programmes.

Learn how to activate the credit allocation feature in your account here.

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