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Prepayment Requests


  1. You run a Before and After School Care Programme where invoicing in arrears occurs

  2. You want to send Prepayment Requests to your parents

  3. You want to allow prepaments to occur from those Prepayments Requests

This document assumes the following:

  • You have a clear understanding of the business rhythm necessary to manage Before and After School care programmes where prepayments are requested

  • The accounting processes associated with taking prepayments

What is a prepayment request?

Prepayment Requests give you the option to request a Prepayment before the service is given. 

How to setup prepayment requests within activity settings

When you are setting up your activity, if you scroll down to invoice settings, you will see the prepayment settings here where you can select the frequency:

How to generate prepayment requests

Once you have set up your prepayments for your activity, and have received bookings, you will need to generate prepayment requests. 

  1. Head into the activity you need to generate the prepayment requests for.

  2. Click the '+' symbol next to the 'Invoicing' button on the bar at the top of the activities page.

  3. Click 'Prepayment Requests"

This view allows you to see the following:

  • Who you have generated prepayment requests for already

  • Who has not received a prepayment request

  • Who has made a prepayment

  1. Select “Generate Prepayment Requests”

  2. Select the time period that you want to generate the prepayment requests. These dates align with the prepayment frequency you have chosen in your activity settings

  3. There are certain tick boxes that are automatically selected which you can unselect if needed:

    • Exclude customers that have already received one prepayment request for this period

    • Exclude customers that prefer to pay by Automatic Payment or Direct Debit

    • Apply any outstanding prepayments to each invoice automatically

  4. Select all the attendees that you require prepayment requests for, alternatively you can use the 'select all' button to select everyone on the list.

  5. Click the 'Generate Prepayment Requests' button

Your prepayment requests will be generated upon which you will still need to email to your attendees

How to email prepayment requests to your parents

  1. Select all attendees and click on email requests

  2. The green tick next to each attendee shows that email communications have gone out successfully

A parent’s view of a prepayment request

Once a prepayment has been emailed to a parent, they will receive the below upon which they can “Pay now”:

If a parent selects this option, it will result in prepayment. See here how this works in Enrolmy.

Awesome! You now know a bit more about prepayment requests.

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