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  1. You want to take Prepayments for your Before and After School Care Programme

This document assumes the following:

  • You have a clear business rhythm (invoicing in arrears weekly, fortnightly etc) in which you request payments from parents

  • You understand what prepayments are and they are switched on

What is a Prepayment?

A prepayment can be made prior to a service given via credit/debit card. This can be made in two areas;

  • Upon receiving a prepayment request

  • Once a booking is completed

A prepayment can also be associated with a Prompt Payment Discount

How to Setup Prepayments within the activity settings

Please note: Prepayment requests are required to be turned ON in order for the prompt payment function to be activated. Please see below how to turn this on:

To turn on the Prepayment feature, please follow the below;

  1. Ensure Prepayment Requests are ON

  2. Select your Prepayment option.

What will parents see during the booking process?

As you have enabled parents to pay prior to using your service, the parent will be prompted to pay during the booking process.

The following options are available to be paid:

  1. Pay for the Full/Remainder of the Term

  2. Pay for Half the term

  3. Pay until a certain date

  4. Opt to make bank transfers

Once a payment option has been selected and payment has been successfully completed, the customer will be advised that this prepayment will be automatically applied to invoices generated in the future:

Awesome! You now know what Prepayments are!

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