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Roster Calendar Explained


  1. You are using Enrolmy’s Rostering feature

  2. You have applied rostering templates to your activity

This document assumes the following:

Filtering Staff Roster Calendar

To view rostered activities, head over to the Rostering tab → Calendar.

Use any or all of the filters as required:

  • Activities

  • Positions

  • Required Tags

  • Staff Members

  • Venues

  • Regions

  • Unassigned shifts

Afterwards, you can opt to Save or Delete the filter:


View Rostered Activity

Follow the steps below to view shifts for your rostered activity. You can opt to view more than one activity if you wish to.

  1. Change the date to the beginning of the activity

  2. Select View type:

    1. Day

    2. Week

    3. Month

Calendar Explained

The calendar shows you as much information as possible for your Rostered activity. Please see below for what each part of the calendar pertains to:

Area & Explanation


  • Date of the activity/ies you are looking into


Calendar View

  • View of the calendar. You can choose between:

    • Day - provides a granular view of the day including sessions running

    • Week - 7-day view of the activity

    • Month - 30-day view of the activity, best to use to quickly see which days do not have staff rostered yet


Roster Status

  • An indicator for the roster’s current standing and whether it has been published or not.

  • Shows you if an activity does not have a roster yet. Allows you to directly publish rosters in draft status, or apply one if there is no roster applied yet


Activity Details

  • Provides information on activity name, venue, and date the activity is running


Rostered Positions

  • Types of staff that are required for the activity


Rostered Staff

  • Provides information on whose staff are rostered per type/position and per day

    This also shows you the staff’s rostered shift



  • Total number of sessions running per day


Roster Health Status

  • An indicator that visualizes the coverage of the roster to determine ratio compliance.

  • This depends on the threshold that you have set up under Settings → Coverage Threshold.

  • Coverage threshold settings allow you to get quick visibility of any issues that need to be addressed. They are reflected on each time frame an activity operates. They use icons as identified below for quick reference:

Optimal - A status that indicates that the number of children is near its ratio limit.

Critical - A warning that indicates the number of children has surpassed the ratio limit and requires attention in order to be ratio compliant.

Overstaff - A warning that indicates there is an excess of over-scheduled staff within the roster that exceeds the activity needs.

Acceptable - Anything else would be considered acceptable and identified with a blue tick.


Great job! You now know how to view and understand the Roster Calendar!

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