1. You run activities at multiple venues and want to save and finalise the attendance in bulk

This document assumes the following:

How to Save & Finalise Attendance In Bulk

Head to the Daily Attendance Reconciliation within the Activities tab:

The Daily Attendance Reconciliation Report will allow you to save and finalise the attendance for multiple activities from one screen:

Scrolling down the Attendance Reconciliation Report you will be able to quick-view the children for the day whose Attended Sessions have all been updated. There will always be a difference between the Booked Sessions and Attended Sessions that are displayed on this screen. It is up to you to review, save and finalise these changes. 

The attendance for the day across all activities must at least be saved as a draft before being able to complete the process below.

1. Scroll down the report slowly to view the day's saved attendance for all your current activities

2. Review the Booked Session and Attended Session column

3. Select Approve Changes to save and finalise the attendance for that day for that activity.

4. The report status for that activity will say Attendance Finalised

The attendance status for the day within the specific activity will also state that it has been finalised.

Great! You now know how to save and finalise attendance reconciliation across multiple activities!

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