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SMS Regulations on Enrolmy Software


  1. You would like to understand text messaging (SMS) regulations on Enrolmy Software

This document assumes the following:

  • You understand what text messages (SMS) are

  • You are operating within Australia and New Zealand

Utilising the SMS feature on Enrolmy Software means that you understand the following regulations;

  • The regulations for sending text messages in Australia and New Zealand are very strict.

  • All SMS notifications must be for transactional purposes only such as booking cancellations.

  • Promotional or marketing messages are prohibited.

  • If you are found to be sending non-transactional text messages, the SMS Add-on will be disabled on your Enrolmy Instance. 

Parent/Caregiver Regulations

  • Parents/caregivers must explicitly opt-in to receive SMS notifications from you before any messages can be sent to them

  • Staff can only opt parents into receiving SMS messages if prior approval was given by the parent/caregiver. You can do so by editing the customer’s profile and selecting “Customer has opted-in to receive SMS messages” box.

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