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What Is A Transactional Text?


  1. You want to know what types of texts are viable to send to parents via Enrolmy Software

This document assumes the following:

It is only possible to send transactional texts to parents/primary caregivers via Enrolmy Software. If SMS notifications are used outside of the following transactional types of messages, then the SMS add-on will be disabled for your organisation. Transactional SMS notifications include the following type of text messages:

  • Booking confirmations

  • Booking cancellations

  • Booking changes

  • Absentee follow-ups

  • Waitlist changes

  • Staff notifications around rostering, attendance, health and safety info

  • Class time changes

  • Class cancellations

  • Enrolment form completion prompts

Please note that promoting other activities and bookings into next-term classes is prohibited. 

Yay! You now know what a transactional text is.

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