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The Latest Mobile and Tablet Application Updates

Get familiar with the latest mobile and tablet application updates and how these should operate for your business.

Feature and Benefit

Enrolmy for Providers Mobile Application

Parent Sign-In Kiosk Application

Enrolmy’s mobile applicatoin designed to hold all the health, safety and attendance information that onsite childcare staff need to run a kids activity, in their pocket.

Enrolmy’s tablet application designed to capture and log a caregivers digital signature and timestamp. Making attendance and health and safety compliance an automated breeze for childcare activity administrators.

Checkout the latest application version available to download.

  • Get the best app experience on the latest versions.

Appstore: Version 2.7.3

Playstore: Version 2.7.3

Support for versions earlier than 2.7.3 will cease as of January 30th, 2024

Appstore: Version 2.2.6

Playstore: Version 2.2.6

Support for versions earlier than 2.2.6 will cease as of January 30th, 2024

Ensure your devices are compatible with Appstore and Playstore application requirements.

  • Older devices will not allow you to update to the latest versions of the Enrolmy Apps.

Device compatibility recommendations for the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App.

Device compatibility recommendations for the Parent Sign-In Kiosk.

Take note of the latest logo’s for each application

On-site staff can access attendee’s emergency contact details, health and safety information, attendance notes, and sign children in and out of programmes if need be.

The Enrolmy Sign-In Kiosk gives caregivers and parents the ability to sign their child in and out of your programme. This automatically updates your digital attendance records with accurate, time-stamped data from which you can generate reliable reports.​

If customer flags are setup against a contact within your Enrolmy Organisation;

  • These flags will appear on the mobile application for staff to reference.

  • Flags will not appear on the tablet app for caregivers to see when they sign their child/ren in or out. If any customer flags appear on the Parent Sign-In Kiosk, please update this application to the latest version.

Best Practices for Mobile and Tablet Apps.

  • Ensure all your apps are up to date.

  • Review the linked device compatibility documents above.

  • Get familiar with any application changes by running a trial activity prior to your December and January holiday programmes running.

Please reach out to our customer support team for further questions.

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