1. You have recieved regular payments as well as arrears WINZ payments

  2. You want to know how to handle these payments

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You are an OSCAR Provider

  • You know how to upload a WINZ Statement

  • You understand how to reconcile Subsidies

Types Of WINZ payments

Providers will receive either regular WINZ payments or arrears WINZ payments:

  • Regular payments are received from WINZ on a consistent weekly basis

  • Arrears payments are for any overdue amount from a prior period

WINZ Regular Payments

Using invoicing in arrears, WINZ regular payments will automatically be applied to any invoices that have just been generated. You will see the regular WINZ Credit note (WCN) associated with the invoice alongside an automatic deduction:

WINZ Arrears Payments

Using invoicing in arrears, WINZ arrears payments will not automatically apply to any invoices that have just been generated and will need to be applied manually. This allows you to select which outstanding invoice you would like to use.

Please see here how to apply WINZ credit notes:

When utilising invoicing in advance, you will need to manually apply WINZ credit notes to invoices once created:

Awesome! You now know more about WINZ Arrears Payments Versus Regular Payments

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