1. You are a provider and you want to understand when to use Blacklisting versus Flagging the Customers

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1. The benefits of using Blacklisting versus Flagging Customers

Overview Table




Made for a specific purpose

  • This functionality was made for a purpose of Banning a customer from booking into your activities or make changes to existing bookings for a defined period of time depending on the underlying reason:

  • Flags are a convenient way to mark accounts for special attention or to differentiate between duplicate accounts:

Prevention from booking into Activities

  • The customers will be prevented from making/amending bookings until they are removed from the blacklist or if they pay their overdue debts

  • The customers are not prevented from any actions within Enrolmy

Informing the On-site staff about an important matter

  • The “flags” will be appended to the end of a customer's name that is shown within the Enrolmy app (including printed sheets).


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