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Enterprise Only: Consolidated Accrued Revenue Report


  1. You are an Enrolmy Enterprise customer with multi-instances

  2. You would like to understand how the new accrual report works

  3. You would like to see how much revenue you are generating per each sites you have

This document assumes the following:

  • You have read and understood the Financial Reports help guide

  • You are one of the head administrators of your Enrolmy HQ Account

  • You are proficient with accounting principles

  • You have run/are running activities on Enrolmy that are being invoiced

What is the New Consolidated Accrued Revenue Report?

The Consolidated Accrued Revenue Report is a multi-instance version of the existing Accrued Revenue report. This new report shows all Accrued Revenue from different Enrolmy instances into one area for easy accessing, reporting, and understanding.

This new report is only available to select Enrolmy customers at this stage.

Accessing the New Consolidated Accrued Revenue Report

To access the report:

  1. Log in to your Enrolmy HQ Account

  2. Head over to the Insights tab

  3. Under All Reports, toggle and select Accrued Revenue

  4. Use the filters for organisations, venues, month, and columns as needed

  5. Click Search

Understanding Accrued Revenue Report

Read this help guide to understand how the Accrued Revenue Report works

Awesome! You now understand the new consolidated accrued revenue report!

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