Some common areas causing difficulties with probable solutions/reasons

Q. Why are the transaction fees different for the same amounts paid on the "Daily Report"?

A. On the credit card transactions "Daily Report", you may sometimes find the transaction fees (Txn. Fee) may be different amounts for the same priced item. card transaction there is not only a percentage fee that is paid, but a fixed 30 cent transaction charge as well.

For example:

Julie paid one invoice for her child by credit card worth $100, the Transaction Fee is displayed in Enrolmy as $3.93 ($3.63 percentage fee + $0.30 transaction charge).

However, Garry pays two invoices for his children by credit card, one worth $100 the other $50. The total transaction fee for a single payment of $150 is $5.75 ($5.45 percentage fee + $0.30 transaction charge).

In the Enrolmy "Daily Report" this is displayed as two separate items with the Transaction Fee component of each item shown separately.

The Transaction Fee for the $50 invoice is (50 / 150) * 5.75 = $1.92

The Transaction Fee for the $100 invoice is (100 / 150) * 5.75 = $3.83

The total Transaction Fee for the two invoices is correct at $5.75, however, you can see there is a difference in the Transaction Fee between the $100 invoice paid by Garry ($3.83) and the $100 invoice paid by Julie ($3.93).

Q. I have done a Xero Sync but a payment has become back unreconciled again in EM why?

A. This could be because the payment has been reversed in Xero or removed, check to see if this is the case.


Q. How do I manage customers who wish to make automatic payments for BASC?

A. As this is a payment arrangement you may be agreeing it is slightly outside of what EM has been designed around and for.

Enrolmy is to encourage people to book and pay on the spot, or when their invoice is generated in full.  You are best to manage this as an overpayment in Xero, marking the payments as overpayments then allows you to allocate credit to an EM invoice when it has been generated and appears in Xero.  You simply allocate credit, it will show all outstanding invoices, you apply the payment then reconcile the payment and sync.

Q. How can a parent who pays us for BASC by automatic payments enrol in the holiday programme when I have it as Credit Card Only?

A. Credit Card only activities are great to have your confirmed numbers and payments all up before it begins, however, if you need to add a customer to a Credit Card only activity who you agree to pay on a different method, you will need to process the booking.

You will need to add the booking yourself as this will bypass the2 hour cancellation rule if no payment is made.

Q. Can credit notes created in Xero be reflected in Enrolmy?

A. A credit note generated in Xero will only reflect in Enrolmy if it is applied to an invoice that was created in Enrolmy.


Q. How can I bulk delete/void invoices?

A. Unfortunately, there is no option to do this due to the fall-out there would be if it was done in error.  You will need to access each invoice individually and void

Q.I have modified a customers booking but it has not created an invoice, why?

A. When any booking is changed from the original a pending adjustment, Enrolmy does this for any change where the price is altered, the pending adjustment is like a notification and it is wanting you to do something with it.  From your pending adjustment tab within the activity itself, you will need to convert the adjustment to an invoice if more money is required or a credit not to either process a refund or offset against any outstanding invoices.


Q. A Customer has advised that they cannot access the invoice we have sent?

A. When this happens it is because the parent trying to access and pay the invoice will not be the primary contact and bill payer of that account, they probably have their own accounts and are trying to log in to the other account with their own details.


Q. My Customer has asked for an outstanding statement, and the amounts do not match to what is showing in Xero?

A. Firstly check that the run period you have entered for your report is the exact same period in both, then next check the number of payments received in each to see if one or more are missing from one of the accounts...if there are payments missing you will need to check your error sync log and work out why those payments are not reflecting.


Q. I have applied some credit notes in EM, but after syncing with Xero they have reverted back.

A. Under the + tab next to Money, select Xero Sync, then Error Log, check to see if you can find the CN numbers that have un-done themselves and the associated error, this sometimes happens when the amounts don't match ie the credit is greater than the outstanding balance, or when the customers record is archived in Xero.


Q. A Customer made changes to their booking but her invoice does not show the new dates she booked?

A. This will be due to the invoice type you have selected in your settings, there are two invoice types, one which will detail the dates the other will group items together without the detail. Please read these articles to better understand the two, then you can make changes if necessary in your invoice settings.   Grouped Invoicing   Detailed Invoicing

Q. If i create a new income code in xero what do i do in enrolmy?

A: Jump into the xero integration settings tab, update your chart of accounts